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Frameless showers


Glass showers are becoming increasingly popular. A frameless shower will add a touch of glamour and modernity to every bathroom and it matches any interior design. It makes smaller bathrooms look spacious, and larger ones – more spectacular. Why not opt for a glass shower enclosure? In addition to its timeless style, it is also affordable and easy to maintain.

Glass shower enclosures

A frameless shower is simple, yet refined. In addition to being purely beautiful, it has many other advantages. Made of glass, it is transparent so it doesn’t interfere with any style choice or any kind of décor, however, it will look exceptionally well in modern and glamour bathrooms. What’s more, a frameless glass shower used in a small bathroom will make it look optically bigger, especially when the floor tiles are monochromatic. Glass shower enclosures will also add a lot to the style, enhancing even the most modest and minimalistic design concepts with their shine and flawless elegance.

Frameless showers – safety, endurability and cleanness

A frameless glass shower is minimalistic, and the simplicity of its construction makes it easy to maintain the cleanness. The glass can be additionally covered by protective hydrophobic coating, that will prevent the water drops from staying at the surface. Frameless showers are made of tempered, 10-milimetre glass, that is virtually unbreakable, so it is also safe with children. The frameless construction enables glass shower enclosures to be installed in a bathroom of any size or shape – sometimes a single glass slab is enough to build a shower in a convenient niche. Glass showers are assembled and installed by experienced fitters, using premium quality stainless steel, brass and UV bonds. The whole process, together with all necessary measurements, lasts no more than 10 days.

Choose a frameless glass shower, and your bathroom will never come out of style, even if you decide to change all the accessories and colors!